We are a referral-only clinic

Evergreen Veterinary Dentistry Services is a referral-based facility. If you would like to have your cat or dog seen for a dentistry or oral surgery consultation, primary care veterinarians must email, fax or mail in a completed copy of our referral form.

  1. Download the referral form
  2. Fill it out digitally or by hand
  3. Upload a copy below

Upload Referral Form

*If you’re a client, please enter your email address. If you’re the referring veterinarian, please enter your clinic email address instead.

For primary care veterinarians

As a referral facility, we value the relationships you have cultivated with your clients and patients, and as such, we will have your clinic perform any needed presurgical blood work, thoracic/abdominal radiographs or echocardiograms prior to patients undergoing a procedure with us. 

Please note any completed diagnostics (including any biopsy results) on the form and send it along with the referral, preferably by email if you have digital images. Patient medical records are required. Please do not send more than 2 years of medical record history. You can have radiographs couriered, mailed, or emailed to us directly here.

Once the referral has been received, our staff will contact the client to set up a consultation and procedure. All patients will go home the same day, unless patient transport to a 24-hour referral veterinary facility is otherwise arranged. We do not hospitalize patients in our facility overnight.

After seeing your patient, Dr. Bissett will prepare and send a copy of consultation medical records and a complete post-operative report within three business days. If you have further questions, please feel free to contact us.